Year-Round Commercial Lighting

Light walkways and overheads, trees and buildings with bright and cheerful lighting

Whether it is with our CSA rated Mini Reflective lights, C6 faceted Reflective lights, C7 or C9 Bulbs or our commercial line of festive lighting are available in both traditional incandescent or energy saving LED styles.

Our New RGB Show-Lites are full-colour animation pre-programmed shows that will fascinate and mesmerize viewers! Unlimited design options make Show-Lites an attractive solution for year-round decorative lighting.

DL PRO Mini lights 

Do you require semi-permanent lighting? Do you want to keep up our LED mini Lights longer than just the holiday season? 

Then our DL PRO Mini lights have the IP44 connections to inhibit water protrusion. Built to last in our Canadian weather.

Need help ordering lights?

Our lighting specialists can help you pick and order the best lights and lit displays for your indoor and outdoor commercial holiday displays. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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Our CSA Commercial lighting stands out from the rest.

Created to give the most illumination in LED design, our LED lights last between 50,000 – 100,000 hours and are water-tight, permanently sealed LEDs and come with a 3-year warranty. In our Mini light strands, We carry everything from LED Reflective mini lights to C6 faceted mini lights to DL Pro mini-lights.

All our C7 & C9 faceted screw-in bulbs are much brighter and bolder with the most consistent colour spectrum in the industry. With a Patent rectifier built in, unwanted flickering is eliminated and the truest colour possible delivered. Energy efficient, long-lasting and virtually maintenance free – these bulbs make it easier than ever to light up building, trees and displays.

Commercial LED ropelight for your projects

Our LED Ropelight is made with more resistors per circuitry in order to achieve the best performance and reliability possible. In addition, our LEDs are designed with lenses that diffuse light up to 120 degrees. Most LEDs only offer a 30-degree diffusion. The increased diffusion of our LEDs spreads the light across a wider angle, which makes our LED Ropelight brighter and more visible from all angles. Up to 50,000-hour bulb life and if one LED fails, the others remain lit.

Lighting Accessories

We also carry lighting kits, accessories, and hardware so that you can start and end your project with all the proper quality connections to ensure safety and the longevity of your holiday decorations.

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