Dekra-Lite Terms and Conditions



All prices subject to change without notice. All minimums are per colour/or size (solid pack). Mixing colours to meet minimums is not acceptable. All orders are F.O.B. Port Coquitlam, B.C.


Payment Terms:

Payment is required at time of order unless otherwise specified above.

Credit Card – We Accept: MasterCard, Visa, EFT and Wire Transfers.

Any order being paid for with a credit card is subject to a maximum limit of $15,000.

Upon approved credit we will determine Net terms & Credit Limit.



We warranty to the original buyer that all of our displays and accessories will be free from manufacturer’s defects. Under normal conditions of use and service, this protection is extended for six (6) seasons on all steel frames, five (5) seasons on garland, three (3) seasons on electrical wiring, and one (1) season on all computerized lighting modules & aluminum displays. This warranty does not apply to light bulbs or light strands. Pole Mount displays are designed to withstand up to 65 km winds with no ice load. Obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing any part that is found to be defective.

LED Light strands have a warranty for three (3) 60 day seasons. Simply ship the product to us and we will replace the LED Light strand free of charge. Lights that are left over the 60 day season are no longer eligible for warranty.

Frame Trees are covered by a ten (10) year warranty against defect under normal conditions and use.

All items not specifically listed are covered by a one (1) season (60 day) warranty.

Under this warranty, the company’s obligation to repair or replace is on a non pro-rated basis.

Labour to install and the cost of shipping are not included in this warranty and are expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Bulb burnouts or electrical damage caused by the buyer or weather elements, or damage caused by rough handling in transit are not covered by this warranty. Therefore, units should be inspected and tested for bulb outage upon delivery and prior to installation. All merchandise is carefully inspected before packing and is packed in an approved manner in approved cartons when it leaves the warehouse.

For the purposes of this warranty one (1) season is defined as one installation and removal for a duration lasting no more than 60 days.


Return Policy:

Any returned products under the following conditions will result in a 35% restocking fee for inhouse inventory. Any non-stocked items brought in from USA warehouse are non-refundable, and the customer will incur the freight charges: Customer ordered incorrect product. Never opened or used product for its intended purpose. No merchandise returns will be accepted without prior written authorization. Return requests will be accepted for credit if submitted and approved within 30 days of receipt of product.


Acceptance of Merchandise:

Consignee/customer is responsible to notify Dekra-Lite of all impending claim(s) of merchandise delayed, lost or damaged in transit. When accepting shipment, consignee/customer must inspect all merchandise completely and any claims of any missing cartons or visible damage must be noted on delivery driver’s bill of lading or the receipt of delivery. All claims must be filed with Dekra-Lite within 48 hours of delivery or in the case of concealed damage, within 48 hours of identifying the concealed damages. Customer/consignee is to provide required information and evidence of damage or loss according Dekra-Lite claims procedure. This may include preservation of evidence of damage/loss for future inspection. Failure to follow Dekra-Lite claims procedure may result in claim denial by the carrier.


General Terms:

The parties agree to the following additional terms of this contract. This contract is governed by Canadian law and is the entire contract between the parties, superseding all prior conversations and writing between the parties. A deposit of 50% plus any applicable sales tax is due upon execution of any contract with installation services, custom or special product. The balance is due prior to the installation date or upon shipping unless specified in payment terms on the proposal/order. Cancellation and reductions are subject to a 35% restocking fee. Any amount, not paid when due, is subject to a late charge of 2% per month (24% per annum). All payments are due according to the terms of each individual proposal/order.



All requested changes to the described work on the proposal/order will be subject to additional charges. Installation dates are approximate and generally scheduled as a date range. All installation or ship dates specified are subject to change due to inclement weather, acts of God or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Changes may occur for reasons including but not limited to, weather conditions, property accessibility, early project completion, or acts of God.


Electrical Requirements:

Owner is responsible for providing and maintaining adequate and functional electrical outlets adjacent to the proposed locations for lit decorations, tree lights, and building lights. GFI receptacles can, will, and should interrupt power to décor or lighting in the presence of water or heavy moisture sometimes caused by rain, fog, dew, snow, ice, and sprinklers. With décor, lighting, outlets and surrounding areas may take several hours after exposure, and in some cases days to completely dry before receptacles can be reset and power restored. Dekra-Lite is not responsible for outlets that will not reset due to the presence of moisture. Dekra-Lite is not responsible for unreported outages that we have never been made aware of. Dekra-Lite is not responsible for any products damaged or lost due to vandalism, extreme weather conditions, or acts of God. The owner accepts all responsibility while the décor is installed on their property. Dekra-Lite will make efforts when possible to replace such product for an additional charge.



Storage charges and dates begin upon removal of décor each year and end November 1st annually. Items not installed must be picked up or have a storage fee paid prior to November 1st of the current year. Unpaid storage or unclaimed items may be discarded without further notice.



Our standard liability coverage limits are $2,000,000.00 General Aggregate; 2,000,000.00 Products-Comp/Op-Aggregate; $1,000,000.00 Personal & Adv. Injury; $1,000,000.00 Each Occurrence; $1,000,0000.00 Automobile Liability; $1,000,000.00 Workers’ Compensation. Our excess liability coverage limits are $2,000,000.00 General Aggregate; $2,000,000.00 Products Comp/Op Aggregate; $2,000,000.00 Each Occurrence. Other insurance requirements including special language, endorsements or additional coverage may be able to be obtained at the expense of the customer.