By now almost everyone has heard the LED lights are energy efficient and a great choice for holiday light displays. But there are even more benefits than helping you reduce your energy bill. 

Here are 4 great reasons to use LED Christmas lights for your holiday displays. 

  1. LED lights produce almost no heat which means they say cool to the touch and are safe for people, children and animals to be around all year round. 
  2. Most LED lights are rated to last tens of thousands of hours, well beyond the traditional light life of incandescent lights that may only last one season. Dekra-Lite’s LED Lights last ten times longer and use 90{3ec5e20988212d6015aca3ecb5014cf2e1bbd7888514e9daa31c5febe7a14474} less energy than incandescent bulbs and boast an estimated life of 100,000 hours.
  3. LED lights produce bright, vivid colors and so you can get creative with your holiday light displays. 
  4. You can connect more light strings together end-to-end using one outlet making putting your holiday display together much easier.

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