Dekra Lite’s Displays – River District

Dekra Lite’s Displays – River District

With the holiday season wrapping up and all our decorations being taken down, we tend to forget about the beautiful displays that went up during the holiday season.

In this blog post we are sharing amazing pictures of our exciting 2019 season. Creating a project in more than 40 areas in the Vancouver Lower Mainland was just amazing!  

Our first highlight of the year goes to the Wesgroup projects, specifically highlighting the River District in South Vancouver. 

Only a 20-minute drive from downtown Vancouver, River District is lit up with our beautiful displays. From a custom 30’ Sequoia Christmas tree with beautiful custom white and blue mini lights to the fabulous animated snowfall star sitting on top, from the amazing reindeer and custom painted giant ornaments balls adorned with RGB lighting, to beautifully manicured grapevine deer grazing in the plant beds, all these displays made the River District a festive place for residents and patrons during the busy holiday season.

If you want to learn more about these projects, feel free to contact our team. 

Here are our holiday displays from River District